Corrupção, Mentiras e Isolamento: avaliação de impacto de ataques a BitTorrent

Rodrigo B. MansilhaMarlom A. KonrathMarinho P. Barcellos

BitTorrent has become one of the most popular Internet applications, given the number of users and the fraction of the Internet traffic it consumes. Its wide adoption has exposed potential problems, like selfish peer behavior and security vulnerabilities. Related research efforts so far have focused on modeling the dynamics of swarms and on incentive mechanisms to improve fairness without sacrificing efficiency. In a previous paper, we investigated security vulnerabilities in BitTorrent. The present paper expands the aforementioned one in several aspects. In particular, it improves the modelling of swarms, leading to more realistic results, and defines and evaluates a new attack, piece corruption. Our analysis demonstrates the seriousness of such attacks and shows the need for security countermeasure mechanisms.

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