Quebrando a Barreira entre Mecanismos de Segurança através da Composição de Serviços Web: Uma Arquitetura para Detecção de Ataques Distribuídos e de Múltiplas Etapas

Leonardo Lemes FagundesLuciano Paschoal Gaspary

In the recent years , the number of planned attacks such as DDoS, has increased. These attacks are composed of several stages and depart from a number of hosts. Traditional intrusion detection solutions do not cope well with this type of attack because, among other reasons, they lack mechanisms for uniform communication with distinct security systems (e.g. IDS, firewall, etc.) and to correlate, in a timely manner, the events observed. To fulfill the mentioned gap, this paper proposes a service oriented architecture for multistage, distributed attack detection. The architecture has been developed following the WSDM (Web Services Distributed Management) standard and evaluated experimentally using a DDoS attack scenario proposed by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

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