Gerenciamento Baseado em Modelos da Configuração de Sistemas de Segurança em Redes de Larga Escala

João Porto de AlbuquerqueHolger IsenbergHeiko KrummPaulo Lício de Geus

The security mechanisms employed in today's networked environments are increasingly complex and their configuration management has an important role for the protection of these environments. Especially in large scale networks, security administrators are faced with the challenge of designing, deploying, maintaining and monitoring a huge number of mechanisms, most of which have complicated and heterogeneous configuration syntaxes. A consequence of this is that configuration errors are a frequent cause of security vulnerabilities. This work offers a management process for the configuration of network security systems that is built upon the model-based management approach. We present a modeling technique that uniformly handles different types of mechanisms and a supporting graphical editor for the design of the system. The editor incorporates focus and context concepts in order to improve the visualization and the navigation of large models.

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