Analisando a Viabilidade da Implementação Prática de Sistemas Tolerantes a Intrusões

Rafael R. ObelheiroAlysson Neves BessaniLau Cheuk Lung

Building secure, inviolable systems using traditional mechanisms is increasingly becoming an unattainable goal. Recognition of this fact has increased interest in alternative approaches to security such as intrusion tolerance, which applies fault tolerance concepts and techniques to security problems. One of the main issues surrounding intrusion-tolerant systems is that many of the algorithms used for building them assume that system components fail or are compromised independently, and this assumption has been repeatedly called into question. In this paper we show that diversity enables us to build real intrusion-tolerant systems. We investigate several kinds of diversity and discuss how they can help with this task. Furthermore, we provide a practical example of how an intrusion-tolerant system can be built using diversity.

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