Uma ICP baseada em certificados digitais autoassinados

Cristian Thiago MoeckeRicardo Felipe CustódioJonathan Gehard KohlerMarcelo Carlomagno Carlos

Public Key Infrastructures have been used in some scenarios were there is a need to stabilish trust between two entities. Specially, its use is common in the stabilishment of trust to access the so called "secure websites" using SSL/TLS. However, with new iniciatives like ICP-Brasil (Brazilian PKI) and the growing use of digital certification to sign eletronic documents, some limitations of PKI have become more clear. This paper discusses the inversion of some concepts of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) to simplify the process of digital signature validation. Changing the form that the user certificate is issued and modifying the responsibilities of a Certification Authorities by creating a Validation Authority, that also replaces the main function of Time Stamping Authority on digital signatures, we can reduce the effort spent on the process of digital signature validation. We also propose a simple protocol to interact with the Validation Authority.

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