REsquared - Detecção e Recuperação de Intrusão com uso de Controle de Versão

Gabriel Dieterich CavalcantePaulo Lício de Geus

Current computer systems have a huge number of configurations that are hard to manage. The combinations of system configurations can impact on performance and behavior. From the moment that a system stops working correctly it is remarkable that something has changed. That is in common in software development, where changes made by the programmer may result in some features no longer working or the project not compiling anymore. Revision control systems can recover a previous state of the source code through revision mechanisms. Integrity checking is used to catch file modifications, however this technique does nothing toward recovering those files. This study proposes and implements an integrated architecture that combines integrity checking and restoring mechanisms. Tests were executed in order to measure the load imposed by the solution. In addition, analysis of two case studies shows the efficiency of the adopted solution.

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