Análise Comportamental de Código Malicioso Através da Monitoração de Chamadas de Sistema e Tráfego de Rede

Dario S. Fernandes FilhoAndré R. A. GrégioVitor M. AfonsoRafael D. C. SantosMário JinoPaulo L. de Geus

Malicious code (malware) spread through the Internet -- such as viruses, worms and trojans -- is a major threat to information security nowadays and a profitable business for criminals. There are several approaches to analyze malware by monitoring its actions while it is running in a controlled environment, which helps to identify malicious behaviors. In this article we propose a tool to analyze malware behavior in a non-intrusive and effective way that extends the analysis possibilities to cover malware samples that bypass current approaches and also fixes some issues with them, filling a gap in the field.

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