Governança de BPM em Processos Inter-Organizacionais do Setor Público

André Felipe SantanaCarina Frota AlvesHermano Perreli de Moura

Business Process Governance is an aspect that is frequentlysuggested as critical to success of business process management (BPM)initiatives. This seems to be particularly true in context of organizations frompublic sector as long as they are naturally interconnected by interorganizationalprocesses chains in a government ecosystem, where autonomyand transparence between parts need to be coordinated. This work aims toinvestigate how to design and implement BPM governance in public sectorcontext in a successful way. Empirical qualitative methods are proposed,mainly: semi-structured interviews, focal groups and action-research. Initialresults from this ongoing research points out that organizations studied faceseveral barriers to their BPM initiatives due to absence of BPM governanceformal practices. Action-research, which combines knowledge production inparallel of organizational intervention, appears to be an effective strategy tocope this context.Keywords: BPM, business process governance, public sector, government,inter-organizational business process

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