Functional Fixpoint Evaluators for Partially Circular Attribute Grammars

J. F. Cardona-McCormickS. D. SwierstraF. J. Correa-Zabala

One of the possible semantics for circular attribute grammars is to assign a fixpoint value to circularly defined attributes. The main application of this interpretation is in program analysis. We present a method which generates such fixpoint evaluators for circular attribute grammars in the functional language Haskell. We start by identifying the parts of the grammar that contain a circular dependency and the parts that are guaranteed to be non-circular. From the latter we generate normal functional sub-evaluators, whereas for the former we generate iterating sub-evaluators. These sub-evaluators are combined to form a complete evaluator for the grammar. We show the strategies which can be taken to avoid unnecessary re-evaluations and discuss some of the trade-offs involved.

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