Manutenção Adaptativa de Software Embarcado para Telefones Celulares Apoiado por Ferramentas de Automação

Francisco F. P. LimaTales P. NogueiraAntonia D. B. NogueiraJosé S. R. NetoJoão B. F. FilhoClaudio R. F. LimaSmaylle J. C. LeiteWindson VianaValéria L. L. DantasRossana M. C. Andrade

It is well known that the development of software supported by CASE tools improves product quality assurance. In this paper, we describe our experience in the use of automation tools during the process of developing software for embedded systems. They are called: FlexCA, which is designed to provide flexibility in information processing, and Auto Sanity Tool, which is designed for testing. These tools are used in the stage of adaptive maintenance and testing. We also show significant results regarding the increase of production speed of the generated software as well as the decrease in the amount of errors with the use of these tools.

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