AcMus: an Open, Integrated Platform for Room Acoustics Research

Marcelo QueirozFernando IazzettaFabio KonMárcio Henrique A. GomesFábio L. FigueiredoBruno MasieroLeo UedaLuciana DiasMário Henrique C. TorresLeandro F. Thomaz

This article describes the design, implementation, andexperiences with AcMus, an open and integrated softwareplatform for room acoustics research, which comprisestools for measurement, analysis, and simulation of roomsfor music listening and production. Through use of affordablehardware, such as laptops, consumer audio interfacesand microphones, the software allows evaluation ofrelevant acoustical parameters with stable and consistentresults, thus providing valuable information in the diagnosisof acoustical problems, as well as the possibility ofsimulating modifications in the room through analyticalmodels. The system is open-source and based on a flexibleand extensible Java plug-in framework, allowing forcross-platform portability, accessibility and experimentation,thus fostering collaboration of users, developers andresearchers in the field of room acoustics.

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