Soundscape Design Through Evolutionary Engines

José FornariAdolfo Maia Jr.Jônatas Manzolli

Two implementations of an Evolutionary SoundSynthesis method using the Interaural Time Difference(ITD) and psychoacoustic descriptors are presented hereas a way to develop criteria for fitness evaluation. Wealso explore a relationship between adaptive soundevolution and three soundscape characteristics: keysounds,key-signals and sound-marks. Sonic LocalizationField is defined using a sound attenuation factor and ITDazimuth angle, respectively (Ii, Li). These pairs are used tobuild Spatial Sound Genotypes (SSG) and they areextracted from a waveform population set. An explanationon how our model was initially written in MATLAB isfollowed by a recent Pure Data (Pd) implementation. Italso elucidates the development and use of: parametricscores, a triplet of psychoacoustic descriptors and thecorrespondent graphical user interface.

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