Agent-Based Guitar Performance Simulation

Leandro L. CostalongaRosa Maria VicariEvandro Manara Miletto

The goal of this paper is to describe a systemaidedperformance and composition tool that aims toexpand guitarist capacities by providing innovativeways in which the user can interact with the system.In order to achieve that, we decided to use an agentbasedapproach, independently modeling the activeelements involved in a guitar performance asautonomous agents - named Left-Hand, Right-Hand,and Speaker (the guitar itself). These agents are ableto communicate to each other in order to make somemusical decisions, specially related to the chord'sshape choice. The musical elements (harmony andrhythm) are independently defined respectively bythe Left-Hand and Right-Hand agents. The mostrelevant aspects of this work, however, are thealgorithms and strategies to process both harmonicand rhythmic data. Finally, we perform anevaluation of the system and discuss the results of theimplemented techniques.

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