Automatically Composing Reusable Software Components for Mobile Devices

Jules WhiteDouglas C. SchmidtEgon WuchnerAndrey Nechypurenko

Product-line architectures (PLAs) are an effectivemechanism for facilitating the reuse of softwarecomponents on different mobile devices. Mobileapplications are typically delivered to devices usingover-the-air provisioning services that allow a mobilephone to download and install software over a cellularnetwork connection. Current techniques for automatingproduct-line variant selection do not address the uniquerequirements (such as the need to consider resourceconstraints) of dynamically selecting a variant for overthe-air provisioning.This paper presents the following contributionsto product-line variant selection for mobile devices: (1)it describes how a constraint solver can be used todynamically select a product-line variant while adheringto resource constraints, (2) it presents architectures forautomatically discovering device capabilities andmapping them to product-line feature models, (3) itincludes results from experiments and field tests with anautomated variant selector, and (4) it describes PLAdesign rules that can be used to increase theperformance of automated constraint-based variantselection. Our empirical results show that fast automatedvariant selection from a feature model ispossible if certain product-line design guidelines arefollowed.

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