Crosscutting Interfaces for Aspect-Oriented Modeling

Christina ChavezAlessandro GarciaUirá KuleszaCláudio Sant'AnnaCarlos José Pereira de Lucena

Aspect-oriented software development promotesimproved separation of concerns by introducing a newmodular unit, called aspect, for the modularization ofcrosscutting concerns. As a new kind of modular unit,aspects should have explicit interfaces that describe theway they interact with the rest of the system and how theyaffect other modules. This interaction can behomogeneous or heterogeneous. In this paper, we presentcrosscutting interfaces as a conceptual tool for dealingwith the complexity of heterogeneous aspects at the designlevel. Crosscutting interfaces have been incorporated bythe aSideML modeling language in order to enhanceaspect description at the design level. Moreover, wepresent a modeling notation for the description ofarchitecture-level aspects that also supports the explicitrepresentation of crosscutting interfaces. Finally, wepresent two large-scale case studies we have performedusing this modeling language that support our argumentsin favor of crosscutting interfaces.

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