Using AOP to Bring a Project Back in Shape: The OurGrid Case

Ayla DantasWalfredo CirneKatia Saikoski

The design and development of distributed softwareis a complex task. This was not different in OurGrid,a project whose objective was to develop a free-to-joingrid. After two years of development, it was necessaryto redesign OurGrid in order to cope with the integrationproblems that emerged. This paper reports our experiencein using Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) in theprocess of redesigning the OurGrid middleware. The essentialdirection of our approach was to get the project(and the software) back in shape. We discuss how thelack of separation of concerns created difficulties in theproject design and development and how AOP has beenintroduced to overcome these problems. In particular, wepresent the event-based pattern designed to better isolatethe middleware concerns and the threads. Besides,we also present the aspects designed for managing thethreads and for aiding the testing of multithreaded code.We also highlight the lessons learned in the process ofregaining control of the software.

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