A Design Technique for Dual-band RF bandpass Filter

Letter from the Editor - in - Chief

Thiago P. R. GoesRobson N. de Lima

This paper presents a dual-band passband filter technique whichconsists of combining the individual filters into a single one bymeans of lossless multi-resonant circuits. These multi-resonantcircuits are capable of providing open and short circuit conditionsat specified frequencies. As a demonstrator for this technique, adual-band Butterworth passband filter, centered at 2.45 GHz and5.8 GHz, is designed. Simulation results show that, consideringthe Q-factor of the inductors equal to 40, as it is usual in discreterealization, the insertion losses for individual passband filterscentered at 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz are 0.435 dB and 0.290 dB,respectively. When combining both into just one, the maximuminsertion losses are 0.486 dB, which demonstrates the feasibilityof this technique.

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