Using a Functional Ontology of Reputation to Interoperate Different Agent Reputation Models

Sara CasareJaime Simão Sichman

This paper presents a Functional Ontology ofReputation that could be used as a common sharedreputation knowledge by agents. Although there is ahuge work on agent reputation, each research definesits own basic concepts. Sometimes different meanings areassociated to the same term and in other occasions thesame meaning is related to different terms. We claim thatthe reputation knowledge structured as an ontologycould be used to enable the semantic integration levelinvolved in the interoperation of software agents usingdifferent reputation models. We have illustrated this ideaby showing a semantic mapping for the reputationconcepts used in three distinct reputation models. Thatmapping shows how this ontology could act as a commonglobal ontology that supports the semantic integrationamong these models.

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