A Systematic Approach for Structuring Exception Handling in Robust Component-Based Software

Fernando Castor FilhoPaulo Asterio de C. GuerraVinicius Asta PaganoCecília M. F. Rubira

Component-based development (CBD) is recognizedtoday as the standard paradigm for structuring largesoftware systems. However, the most popular componentmodels and component-based development processes providelittle guidance on how to systematically incorporateexception handling into component-based systems. Theproblem of how to employ language-level exception handlingmechanisms to introduce redundancy in componentbasedsystems is recognized by CBD practitioners as verydifficult and often not adequately solved. As a consequence,the implementation of the redundant exceptionalbehaviour causes a negative impact, instead of a positiveone, on system and maintainability. In this paper, we proposean approach for the construction of dependable component-based systems that integrates two complementarystrategies: (i) a global exception handling strategy forinter-component composition and (ii) a local exceptionhandling strategy for dealing with errors in reusable components.A case study illustrates the application of ourapproach to a real software system.

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