Application of a Formal Testing Methodology to Wireless Telephony Networks

Ana CavalliAmel Mederreg,Fatiha Zaidi

This paper presents the application of a formal testing methodology toprotocols and services for wireless telephony networks. The methodologyprovides a complete and integrated coverage of all phases of the testingprocedure: specification, test generation, and test execution on a givenarchitecture. It permits to perform conformance and interoperability testingdetecting different kinds of implementation faults, as for instance output andtransmission faults. The test execution is performed in the framework of a set ofarchitectures capable to deal with different environments.Telecommunication systems and mobility are the main focus of the applicationpresented in this paper. Two case studies illustrates the application of themethodology to a wireless telephone network: conformance and interoperabilitytesting of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) protocols and services based onthe subscriber location.

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