Being Extreme in the Classroom: Experiences Teaching XP

Alfredo GoldmanFabio KonPaulo J. S. SilvaJoseph W. Yoder

Agile Methods propose a new way of looking at softwaredevelopment that questions many of the beliefsof conventional Software Engineering. Agile methodssuch as Extreme Programming (XP) have been very effectivein producing high-quality software in real-worldprojects with strict time constraints.Nevertheless, most university courses and industrialtraining programs are still based on old-style heavyweightmethods. This article, based on our experiencesteaching XP in academic and industrial environments,presents effective ways of teaching studentsand professionals on how to develop high-quality softwarefollowing the principles of agile software development.We also discuss related work in the area,describe real-world cases, and discuss open problemsnot yet resolved.

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