Plan B: Boxes for networked resources

Francisco J. BallesterosGorka Guardiola MuzquizKatia Leal AlgaraEnrique SorianoPedro de las Heras QuirosEva M. CastroAndres LeonardoSergio Arevalo

Nowadays computing environments are made ofheterogeneous networked resources, but unlike envi-ronments used a decade ago, the current environmentsare highly dynamic. During a computing session, newresources are likely to appear and some are likely to goo ine or to move to some other place. The operatingsystem is supposed to hide most of the complexity ofsuch environments and make it easy to write applica-tions using them. However, that is not the case withour current operating systems. Plan B is a new oper-ating system that attempts to allow the applicationsand their programmers select and use whatever re-sources are available without forcing them to deal withthe problems created by their dynamic distributed andheterogeneous environments. It does so by using con-straints along with a new abstraction used to replacethe traditional le abstraction.

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