An Approach for the Automatic Generation of RT-LOTOS Specifications from SMIL 2.0 Documents

Paulo N. M. SampaioJean-Pierre Courtiat

The flexibility of high level authoring models (such as SMIL 2.0) for the edition of complex Interactive Multimedia Documents can lead authors, in certain cases, to specify synchronization relations which could not be satisfied during the presentation of the document, thus characterizing the occurrence of temporal inconsistencies. For this reason, we need to apply a methodology which provides the formal semantics for the dynamic behaviour of the document, consistency checking, and the scheduling of the presentation taking into account the temporal non-determinism of these documents. This paper refers to a methodology for the formal design of Interactive Multimedia Documents based on the formal description technique RT-LOTOS. In particular, this paper presents an approach applied by our methodology for the automatic translation of SMIL 2.0 documents into RT-LOTOS specifications.

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