A Model for the Decision Phase of Autonomous Belief Revision in Open Multi-Agent Systems

Jaime Simão SichmanYves Demazeau

A belief revision procedure is composed of four phases: detection of an inconsistency, identification of the culprit(s), decision of a context to be maintained and propagation of the chosen context in the belief base. In this paper, we present a model and an implementation for the decision phase of such procedure, to be used in an open multi-agent context. By open MAS, we denote a system where agents may dynamically enter and leave the agency whenever they want, and where they cooperate with each other by proposing and accepting to form of coalitions in order to achieve one of their goals. Agents must have therefore a social reasoning mechanism, which enables them to reason about the others. We consider that the procedure of coalition formation - if not well succeeded - may lead an agent to revise his beliefs about the others. This process is done autonomously, i.e., without any pre-estabilished centralized control. Our model is based on the notions of information source and information topic. We have implemented this model within the agents of the DEPINT system. We present the simulation results of a running session of the system, illustrating when and how such an autonomous belief revision procedure is carried out in an open multi-agent context.

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